For your most elegant designs


PlexiPoles are perfect for high quality decorating with style

why PlexiPoles


Ease of use

Covid 19 has changed the way we do things for now. Stay safe!

No more tiles, glue, balloon straws that bend or hiding the ugly mechanics. These supports are made to show

Don't like the pole height. NO problem, just unscrew the base and add a different size pole ! EASY!

Save: Time is money, glue is money disguising the elements cost Money

Don't be a dummy Save Money 

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Order kits and save 5% 

Most frequently asked questions

Are they reusable?

yes and rentable get your investment back over and over

Can I twist 260s around the pole? 

Yes all poles are only 3/4 inch around

whats the difference between the heavy duty and the lightduty? 

Nothing in strength. The heavy duty are more durable to ship over and over. 

Can i add things inside the poles?

YES: add lights, glitter, schred, candies   what ever you like 

Don't forget the sleeves

Designed to fit over our products

in high quality stretch fabric

Can be illuminated with lighting from the inside

comes in two colors black and white

Twisting the top and bottom plate gives a new dimension

3 sizes 2 ft . 3 ft .  4 ft

Ask questions

Our staff has 30 years of experience in the balloon industry

we offer advice in all areas to our customer 

You can call/text Jane at 978-835-9312  or email at