Welcome to PlexiPoles

Welcome to PlexiPoles

Welcome to PlexiPoles Welcome to PlexiPoles Welcome to PlexiPoles


There's much to see here. So, take your time, look around, and learn all there is to know about us. We hope you enjoy our site and take a moment to drop us a line.

Exciting one of a kind products



 Plexipole items are packed in 6 packs

Sleeves are sold per piece

Bases can be order per piece order will be $50.00 minimum and 

prices per piece higher. Companies who order below minimum will be contacted.

Please submit your business# with order

Where to buy

PlexiPoles are also available  at the following distributors in the USA

Rainbow Balloons, Woburn ,MA

A2Z Balloons Livonia, MI


Kishi Balloons  Japan

Alliance Ballons Co. MelVille  France


Any questions post them and we will post questions and answers.

or email info@plexipoles.com or call 978-835-9312


Lightweight vs Heavyweight Poles

PlexiPoles come with thin wall TP series poles 1/16th inch walls 

Thicker walls PL series 1/8th"wall. Both poles are 3/4 " around.

The lightweight are recommended for one time use but support centerpieces equally as well


This is a wholesale site . Please submit your company name with your information , such as business ID number

Prices are subject to change without notice

About PlexiPoles


About PlexiPoles

Save money with PlexiPoles

Save money with PlexiPoles

PlexiPoles are the next advancement in Centerpieces  Enhances your most elegant designs


Save money with PlexiPoles

Save money with PlexiPoles

Save money with PlexiPoles

PlexiPoles are interchangeable

Also strong enough to be reusable

Never need extra supplies to hide them.

You'll want them to "show"



Shop PlexiPoles

Save money with PlexiPoles

Shop PlexiPoles

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We are available for all your questions about PlexiPoles and Balloon Decor




By Florence Buret CBA, France

Advantages of PlexiPoles

PlexiPoles are a high quality acrylic & plexiglass product. Unlike products of the past. PlexiPoles save time and additional costs.

The poles them selves add beauty and aesthetic design quality. 

They are never hidden , but add beauty and blend in with their surroundings

Assembly is simple. All pieces are interchangable

Florence Buret CBA Created this design with PlexiPoles

Florence Buret CBA

Table Centre on plexipole theme nature. #Ballonsdeprestige #Balloons #Balloons #Nature #Plexipoles #Qualatex #Green #Green

The lights are inside the pole.

 Elegant Decor 

Testimonials and comments

I LOVE this product! I use it in centerpiece, column and arch designs.

Very versatile, durable and a must have for air-filled designs! I've already inquired about the new pole sizes availability to add my inventory.

Ava Sealey CBA

It is a WONDERFUL product and I Love to create different centerpieces with Plexi Poles.

Luz Paz CBA

Plexipoles makes the perfect combination with the #theverybestballoon ... thank you Jane Spiros Naggar for this amazing product , lets start to create for the Qualatex Booth at Globo-con Convention LA Plexipoles hace la combinación perfecta con el #theverybestballoon Gracias ... Jane Spiros Naggar para este increíble producto, vamos a empezar a crear Qualatex Booth para la convención LA ....

Eve Antonello CBA

Thank you Kajira Lee Bailey and Jane from plexipoles for your products. The plexipoles and sparklete ribbons worked great with the balloons

Ja'Net Wyatt POP Balloon

Simply elegant centerpieces created by Sue Bowler for the celebration of Pioneer Balloon Company's 100 years in business. #bubbleballoons #qualatex #hifloat #PlexiPoles

My 'organic' centerpiece - love love love these new Birthday Pink & Gold Dots!

The Pioneer design team rocks! Loved working with the Plexipole too! #Plexipole #Qualatex — with Jane Naggar and Sue Bowler at Spring Fair International Nec Birmingham.

Sue Bowler

Jo Werling
Loved these sleeves! They look so professional! They are easy to use with the PlexiPoles. I use them as rentals and retrieve them at the end of the event.


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